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Not everyone needs a coach. Steady Eddie doesn't need a coach. Martha in accounts payable doesn't need a coach. Anyone who isn't interested in meaningful change doesn't need a coach. 

But for those who recognize the need to adapt to new challenges, a coach can be the single most effective way to change behaviors and improve outcomes. Our coaching process begins with a thorough assessment and understanding of the gap between where that individual is, and where they need to be. We then provide the insight, structure, measurement and support to get them there.

This isn't life coaching. We don't do therapy. Our coaching helps clients make measurable improvements in the following areas:


Executive Presence

managing perceptions 

It may seem cynical, but success is not based on your capabilities but on how others perceive them. We help you better understand how you are perceived and guide you in taking steps to refine those perceptions.


a strategic approach to driving change

As with personal change, organizational change is a process, and our coaching helps you consider the full context before you attempt to promote a new idea or approach. We help you thoughtfully and strategically manage all aspects of the influence process and achieve the results you want to see. 


Presentations & Interviews

getting ready for the big day

Whether it’s a dream job, or a big sale, there are times when you have once chance to deliver the goods. We'll make sure you're ready.



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Gregor Wynnyczuk, SPHR

As Founder and Principal Consultant at Rock Paper Partners, I’m living a dream that was decades in the making. 


Back in college I discovered a passion for language, creativity and education, but upon graduation I struggled find a career that would allow me to use my talents. I could write and tell a story, so I began in corporate communications. In one of my first jobs I was sent to a training class which blew me away. 

The content and the delivery of that training was entirely forgettable, but the fact that training was a job that existed was an earth shattering revelation. It would take a few years, but in that moment I knew what my career was meant to be.

That transition took place about 15 years ago. Being in a classroom and engaging with capable professionals is where I belonged. Within a few years I was managing the entire employee development function for a large organization.


I continued to take on responsibility and was on track to progress even further. But my time in the classroom was decreasing, and I found I was a little jealous of the consultants I was hiring to work for me. 


I knew I should go out on my own, but why wasn’t I? 

It was the same reason most people don’t change when they know they should – routine, security, lack of confidence, fear of the unknown. I had coached others on how to overcome these barriers, yet here I was – feeling like a frog in a pot of warming water. 

So I got myself a coach. It was humbling to admit that I couldn't figure it all out on my own, but we worked through some issues and made a plan. It was scary as hell, but I haven't looked back. I'm doing amazing work with some amazing people and it just keeps getting better.

I’m so grateful to those who supported and trusted me, and especially to those who hired me! This is a growing list that includes ISO-New England, Momentive Performance Materials, CommerceHub, RPI, the Sage Colleges, the Upstate Alliance for the Creative Economy, the Honest Weight Food Co-op and more.

Stay tuned. That list is going to keep growing...



Since 2011, I've hosted a local storytelling series in Albany and Troy called the Front Parlor. It's is essentially an open-mic for storytellers modeled on The Moth. In addition to two monthly open-mics we produce main-stage shows, and host storytelling workshops. For more info click below...